The Machine

A machine of sorts. One that can convert and direct energy perhaps. And what if the raw material to covert to that energy, was people. Human thought and emotion being channelled into a specific purpose. I wondered if churches and cathedrals may have been a previous harnesser of this energy. You don’t need everyone, just enough, so they were content for the longest time, each week to gather what they wanted. And along the way, maybe it was learnt that joy and grief (from weddings and funerals), was found to be quite potent as an energy source. So you would want to amplify that harvesting power wouldn’t you?

Internet is the new religion. Many just flocked to it, others are now being railroaded towards it, and eventually they will exclude anyone who doesn’t embrace it. They already are in most of the world. That seems to be where the real power is, and they want everyone assimilated. I imagine in a Borg type way from Star Trek. Part synthetic, part biological, with a consciousness connected to and controlled by the hive.

The last few years with the issues across the world, they found a way to focus everyone on the same issue (or enough anyway). Then heaped on distress, confusion, tragedy, grief and more. Imagine if that was able to be reaped in some way. Same thought process for why they want people chipped in some format and hooked up to a mainframe.

The next piece in that unfolding augmented humans is moving along though i noticed with a recent article, following on from a certain wealthy ceo wanting to implant chips in people’s heads. But that’s too shocking, people are resisting, so the tamer route has been revealed. They are offering a device you have on you, that can ‘help with insomnia’ by assisting to eliminate intrusive or distracting thoughts. Doesn’t sound calming at all, but sounds like it could fit neatly into their monitoring plan. They also seem rather taken with being able to know your thoughts as well as manipulate them. They have had the ability to influence and partially manipulate them for a while already, I suspect this is the upgrade or next phase.

But for now they are infiltrating life in all quarters and if you think its intrusive now, then just wait to see what they have lined up for global society. There is a very good reason many people across this realm are resisting and it isn’t through fear of technology, it is because of the people who wield it and their motives which appear to be rather nefarious in nature.

Only time will tell how this will unfold, but time is what we don’t have much of…

(c) K Wicks

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