Perceptions of self

My understanding is that there are three perceptions of self that make up the whole view we create of ourselves, to ourselves on a basic level.

1) How we view ourselves

2) How we view other people, and

3) How we think other people perceive us.

You might think it’s just a given that people can understand these things that contribute towards your identity, internally and externally. But that’s not always so. Did you ever meet someone who seems to give no thought to how others view them? Some people just don’t care, I’m aware of that, but others completely lack the ability to view themselves from an outside viewpoint. That old saying we have of ‘put yourself in their shoes’ is for this very concept I believe. But not everyone actually can it seems, so it’s just a phrase to them.

Firstly though, there is how you view yourself. The perception of who you are, what you are and how you came to be. Formed through various experiences and actions, people, places, thoughts, feelings and time. You. But it’s not that simple is it, because along the way through all of that, there have been outside influences which have helped to shape that viewpoint and not everyone has had the time, space or incliniation in their life to give it real thought. So is it really you?

Secondly, how we view others. This is also based around you, and what you have taken in over your lifetime as with above. Many people have a judgemental view or like to presume things about others based on those perceptions, rather than facts. Others take a different view and fact find to build a sound assessment of someone, but it will still be based on perceptions usually, even once in possession of the facts.

And thirdly, how we think others view us, because we can’t really know for sure even if they tell us, we don’t see through others eyes, so can only have a projected imaginary view of this. Within that, that there are some people who have no concept of what others think of them, or the view they have, but we presume everyone can. We like to think though, that most people are able to understand that other people will see them in a certain way if they behave or act in a certain way. This is also influenced by a number of things, mainly how you present yourself to the outside world. Many people have suffered disappointment at not being viewed as they wished, although they have no idea why. The expectation not living up to reality. On both sides.

Perceptions of how we think we are meant to be and how we believe others should see us, is often at a discord to reality, (which is itself perceived) but possibly is why some people latch onto delusional thinking. It’s easier for them to remain in their own construct, rather than understand and learn about other peoples and yourself. And they often argue or fight to keep their delusions in place because it’s easier and familiar and take no work at all. It can just remain. It can sometimes be a long arduous process to think outside of yourself, but one that seems really important, even if it’s just to get to know yourself a bit better.

(c) K Wicks

Reset Override

In all this confusion and orchestrated crisis, what if there was a way to stop it? What if we the people held it in our very existence to be able to thwart the seemingly evil plans that stream towards us, bulldozing the past and present with a view to then steamrolling it altogether. Followed by their version of a reset.

And while this is occurring, many seem caught in the headlights, caught on the hop or have been dazzled into a trance of obliviousness. It’s not only frustrating, it’s adding to their own enslavement. I fully believe if we don’t pull this together, this is where society will split, like in the films and stories where you have the outliers or outlanders. Those who live outside the city and parameters of the ‘new society’. The thorn in the side of progress we are painted as, and now I realise why history is written as such. So, we too would look back and scoff at the ones who stood in the way of the future, as we were meant to. But now we know. It’s not meant to be our future, it never was. The time of hope and industry is over, we are entering the age of digital slavery, if it follows its present course.

And on paper, it sounds like they have it all figured out. Various books and papers, seminars and meetings have been taking place for decades, they don’t hide it. The New World Order. One World Government. They write how it will work and how it will be achieved. Like a set of instructions that a program or machine would work from. As if they believe just telling us how it is, will make it happen. And maybe if they orchestrate a few disasters or issues, it will look like they have prophesised the future.

There are many references going around on social media to the George Orwell book 1984, and rightly so, I read it as a teenager and the similar tones to their methods in all this did not escape me. But I have to consider that was part of the plan, it wasn’t a prophecy, it was part of the predictive programming. Something that may seem an awful prospect will often be outright admonished and discarded, but the familiarity of the concept makes it slightly more palatable and comprehensible. That plants the seed needed. And potentially they did get ideas from those books which detailed a very ordered, controlled and manipulated society, but just because you want to or can, doesn’t mean you should.

It is becoming increasingly obvious we are a commodity, they view us as a means to an end, and appear to be trying to achieve that end. We would do well at this point in the debacle, to back away from those who are false leaders, do not fall for promises or threats, and start to find your own way through. They are trying to take over and have full control over who we are, what we are and what we do, and it must not be allowed to happen. We must choose our own future…

(c) K Wicks

It all starts to unravel

I think I can see why certain people won’t accept the current state of affairs when it’s explained, is obvious, or plenty of evidence is being presented. Once you admit one thing, or understand what has been revealed, then it’s like a cascade event occurs. Or at least should. But I presume that there is a mechanism in some people’s thought process, that inhibits them from thinking it through. Because deep down they know, but it’s just too awful to admit, so they detach from reality to maintain their delusion of everything being ok. Because if you start to question the methods and motives of the ‘establishment’ and all its branches, and see what others see, it’s not a comfortable feeling. And not one that anyone would choose. But it has become starkly obvious of late, that we are not being looked after, or helped, or governed. We are being hoodwinked and led astray down a very dark path.

Many don’t want to, or can’t admit that. And many others have, and countless more are becoming aware of it daily. It’s an awful realisation to know someone or something that claimed to have your safety and best interests at heart, doesn’t. And in fact, means the opposite, to cause you and yours harm. You need to accept a number of things, firstly that you have been duped, secondly you are on your own, and thirdly, they mean you harm. It’s a lot to take in and adjust your way of thinking accordingly. The feelings you firstly get from being duped don’t have a timescale, and anger can linger and become destructive rather than be useful to drive you on, instead you get stuck. You need to work through the anger and reserve it for later. Secondly, understanding you are on your own can be quite scary. Where once you thought there was a system of help out there in the authorities for food, education, health and finance, is suddenly all on you. That can be isolating, frustrating and frankly quite terrifying if you’ve never considered it before. And thirdly to understand that there is a threat to your persons, just not the one you maybe thought it was. So technically that one should be easier, you just need to redirect your fear or worry towards the right target. Not always the case, but can happen.

So, where do you go once reality starts to unfold and the can of worms is opened? Each person will have their own experience of knowing what was and is coming and how long they have understood the mechanisms being put in place within society which will lead to one logical outcome. The digital monitoring and enslavement of humanity, one country at a time. They do not care if the cattle are happy, they just want what we can give them and need us to fit into their elaborate plan. Which is why I believe keeping people apart, separated and divided by petty and trivial matters works to their advantage, massively. Because we benefit and flourish in the presence and company of others, even just being near people is ok for some, getting human energy from each other. Recharging (and draining) each other, that’s why we are important. We can also share a range of information with people when in person, by way of language, expressions, observations, sharing thoughts, ideas and hopes. These are the things they want to monitor and control as well as your physical way of life. And it cannot be allowed to happen. Misery is a monitored man; I will tell you that now. They monitor you in prison, they put you in isolation in prison, and they have a lack of privacy in prison for a reason – because it is a punishment. So, anyone who would truly think that is a good option and way of life for the general population on a ongoing daily basis, is not on our side.

Which means we need to discuss the can of worms. You know, the huge one getting bigger by the day, which we were laughed at for saying would happen two years ago. The one about a dystopian future, governments out of control and a certain pharmaceutical product being used to bring about illness, injury and death. Yeah, that one. Although I have written many articles about what I thought would happen, we are now watching it actually happen. The heart attacks and other side-affects, the take-over of people lives by way of finance, the shut-down of rights, protests and liberties by governments in various countries. It’s all there, right in front of people now, and even the press sector seems to be getting a little jittery, and rightly so. It may be that their time has come and gone to be able to help us now, they too will be thrown under the bus like every industry gradually. They will not need doctors and nurses as they will have their medipods and personally trained staff, they won’t need pilots or police, robots have already been designed for that – if anything it will be software engineers who will be needed once it’s up and running (if not already). They will have smart cities in place ready to go for the populations they do want to keep, and keep them they will, in a controlled environment under their supervision. Or at least that seems to be what they are hoping for. Almost as if they have filtered through so much inspiration for an apocalypse and disaster that they are counting on using an illusion of one, rather than it actually happening. They want people fearful and frightened, scared of their own shadow and looking for a saviour, so they can present themselves as such. But the ones who ruined you, are not the ones to save you, just remember that…

(c) K Wicks

Getting hurt by words

I’m sure many have noticed we appear to be living in a time where the phrase

‘Words are literally violence’

has entered the scene. And many laugh at it, as well they should. I’m from the not so far away time of

‘Sticks and stones may break by bones, but words will never hurt me’

so it’s quite a turnaround. And being honest, not a very good one. I believed and still do, that it’s meant for character building, preparing you for people in life, and to thicken your skin as the saying goes. Being able to take insults, or being laughed at is a life skill I thought.

But it’s a fine balance really isn’t it, and one that takes years to get right. We have all felt bad at some point because of others, either what they have said or what they have done. I believe you should listen to what people are saying and understand it, then have to decide what you take on board and what you discard, then move on. But many people are so self-absorbed, and thinking about what the words mean to them, I feel they overlook an important lesson and get stuck in the ‘poor me’ aspect. The lesson being, it usually says an awful lot about the person saying them, and sometimes, when you get to root of the why, it’s often nothing to do with you, so is a complete waste of your time to let it affect you. It’s their own anger, confusion or possibly just meaness coming through and being directed at someone else. A very sure way to deflect from their own feeling and failings.

I’ve had all sorts of insults in my time, and because I look at things logically, I usually analyse what they said, how it made me feel (if it did), then review it to understand if what they said is really what they meant. (People have a habit of not actually saying what they mean) And if they did mean it, where did it come from. That way, if I am at fault, I can usually see it, and will happily own up to said behaviour once recognised and apologise if necessarily or take action to correct it. But if it is their problem, I will definitely point it out to them.

So, how did we get to the stage where people think they are being physically attacked when they hear words that seem to shake them to their very core? Is it a lack of emotional maturity that means they can’t process what is happening, so a tantrum or meltdown may occur as with a toddler? It also could be a general lack of awareness and lack of basic communication skills. People don’t seem to understand that if you aren’t very good at communicating or lack vocabulary, you cannot explain how you feel properly to someone else. That could be quite isolating and frustrating, so you find any way you know how to get interaction and attention on whatever level is on offer. Even if that is a completely dysfunctional level.

Is it possible that there is a middle ground to be found, and that perhaps the extremes are being pushed in society because it does cause a divide of communication (left and right, red and blue, us and them etc), and means we have more difficulty explaining and expressing ourselves to each other and being understood. Which in turn leads to higher frusrations and wilder emotions, which can then cause outbursts and what we would call a failure to communicate. The people who think they are being punched with words do need to toughen up, that is for sure. Some cold harsh truths would do some people some good, and a bit of time to think them over without running to others for input before they have even given it thought themselves.

Others opinions and ideas can have a very big impact on what would otherwise have been your decisions, so make sure before you seek advice or feedback on things, you know whether you actally need advice or not. It’s very easy to panic or get overwhelmed and think you need someone elses input on something, but you don’t always know if the other person is either equipped to give said advice on that matter, or may not have your best interests at heart with the advice they give. Finding someone who is impartial and logical isn’t easy these days, if it ever was. Once you add feelings into that, it gets even more complicated. So try and be truthful to yourself and others, and know you can’t control how someone is going to feel about it thereafter, but don’t be unneccessarily mean, there is just no need for it. As we all know, the truth can hurt all by itself…

(c) K Wicks

Don’t fall asleep

When Nightmare on Elm Street was all the rage, I was too young to watch it, but went out of my way to as with many films of the 80’s and 90’s.

In equal measure I was impressed and mortified (and slightly affected). A simple function we have to succumb to, and is a requirement in our daily lives. Sleep. I thought Wes Craven was a genius, taking something so normal and so necessary you can’t escape it, and turning it into something sinister and well, nightmarish. Of course, there was the twist of what happened when you fell asleep, but the concept of just making someone fear normal daily life was something different. Usually, a horror film or scary concept has an atmosphere to go with it. It’s night, or dark, or there is a basement, or ghosts. But this was just an average daily routine turned into a terrifying idea.

I can’t help noticing, as many have, the strange number of deaths that appear to be occurring, and are being reported on, of people of all ages just suddenly dying in their sleep. I think most of us in the know, know what seems to be the contributing factor to that, but what is the mental effect of that on others? What are the psychological repercussions of fearing to go to sleep, to have a heavy weight constantly on your mind, wondering, not knowing if you have been marked.

I imagine it could lead to all sorts of thoughts, fears and worries. Especially as many don’t want to talk about it or brush it off as having always happened. And maybe it always did, but no-one noticed? Not so sure myself, but either way, we are all on a clock. Time keeps ticking for us all and one day will be our day, but as with all who get older, I guess you just hope it isn’t today…

(c) K Wicks

The dead walk the earth

What if they knew something. That something happens, and things as we know them now become different.

Imagine, if a veil were to cover the earth, bringing with it a different atmosphere. A tropical, misty composite enveloping the world around us. And within that, what if it also created an environment where the rules and laws of physics, nature and reality as are not as we know them now. People in charge would start acting rather strangely if they knew wouldn’t they? Almost as if they might throw caution to the wind, and do things that seemed outrageous and made no sense. If you didn’t know.

And on that premise, of the laws of nature being suspended as we know them, I wondered. Could this be why there are many tales, legends and myths about armies of the dead rising from the earth? I’ll go on one of my wild speculations here, using the medium of movies to get my point across in brief.

The Mummy – the army of anubis, and of the mummy itself, being reanimated under the right conditions. For that they chose spells and words, also seemingly quite powerful in this realm. But that crosses over into witchery, which may be another post.

Lotr 3 – The Return of the King – it never sat well with me, the ending of the third lord of the rings film. I didn’t read the books. How it looked all lost in battle, they were grossly outnumbered with evil about to take the land, but then right at the last minute, an army of the dead (bound by words again!), swoop in and save everything.

Ghostbusters (the new one) – Interesting storyline for this one too as with the originals, but an evil is coming, on a clock, a predicted time that comes around and brings something dark with it. Also with the power to reanimate the dead as it gets to the surface.

But that’s just crazy talk right? There’s no way that could happen. Even though they have speculated through many a film about zombies, I cover a few films in my post The Zombie Thing. But those films always look at it from an infection point of view, and that they die and become the undead. Not the same thing as dying, starting to decay and being reanimated, in my mind anyway. They paint a picture of stumbling rotting undead, hungry for brains and mayhem. But I have given it another thought from a different angle now. What if you weren’t only reanimated, but also you regenerated, back to your former healthy self and would actually have a longer life span now. That would change the game slightly wouldn’t it? But like I said, that’s just crazy talk and wild speculation. Would make a good short story though, so maybe i’ll see what I can pull together from it while wondering where it all leads…

(c) K Wicks

Cash buys freedom

I have covered this in previous articles Cash, Monitoring and Do you want to be monitored? But as it keeps rolling forward, I will continue to try and really explain how this can be used against people, and to control them and their purchases, if you haven’t quite seen it for what it is yet.

Imagine when you were a kid (if you can remember), and imagine you getting given pocket money. Back in the day, I would have to earn my pocket money usually by helping with chores, but some got it for nothing (and some not at all), but the point was, once it was put into your hand, it was yours. You could spend it where you liked, on what you wanted (within age limits obviously), and for a short time, you had a bit of money freedom. Choices.

Now imagine, someone giving you your pocket money, and then taking 20% back, because you know, that’s how money works, by going back into the pot. That’s tax for you. Then they say that they will hold onto the other 80% for you, and that you can have it when you want, but you have to ask them first for it. And you can spend it where you want, as long as they approve it. And they will charge you a small amount for holding it for you. That’s a bank. So your pockey money giver is now presiding over your money and you have to ask for it. They decide that they don’t want to give it you, instead, they will go with you to spend it and watch what you buy. If they don’t like it, they won’t let you buy it. Honestly, this was an awful part of childhood, being monitoried and having your purchases decided and deemed acceptable or not, why people want it as an adult astounds me.

So, if you earnt or got given ¬£1.00, and were only allowed 80p of it, and of that 80p they said you could only buy toilet roll with it, you wouldn’t be as excited to get given 80p would you? (unless you really needed it, of course). Well that seems to be how living costs work now, they set the amount and tell you all your money has to go on that one thing. People are being babied (and have been for some time now), and money used as a weapon against us and to control us. They set and bring down the value of it, they increase prices, they hold down wages. It’s so obvious it’s sickening, yet people still stumble around confused and worried they can’t afford stuff. You aren’t meant to! That’s the point.

Being able to earn money, and spend it on living shouldn’t even be necessary given the resources and technology we have access to individually and as a collective, we should have plenty of food and land to go round. But the people calling the shots don’t want health, freedom and advancement – because they can’t control what happens thereafter. I believe what they want with cashless and cardless, is to scan people so that you can only ‘buy’ your rationed amount. No unauthorised purchases. By taking away the till person, there is no-one to argue with. You don’t scan in, no access. Food rations allocated on weight, health and compliance. No sharing, or helping others, you won’t be allowed.

Let’s imagine again, but this time, imagine a control freak. Who needs to know your every move, where you go, what you do, who you speak with, what you say, what you eat, what you think. Sounds like a stalker or controller, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the one world government to oversee us all they are after. Who cannot bear to think that we can (quite competently I might add), flourish without their maniacal leadership and desperate grip of control. We need to detach ourselves, and soon, before they have everyone monitored from cradle to grave with internal implants (you know, the ones you won’t be able to escape from because they are inside you), because that is where it is going, if they haven’t already started doing it behind people’s backs. They are being very open and clear with their plans, and being distracted or in denial won’t help anyone. That is partly what they are counting on, a lethargy and disconnect towards reality, and wanting people to overlook their general malaise and instead give a warm welcome to their dysfunctional altered and newly created metaverse.

Once they make society seem too complicated to navigate for the average person, they will gladly accept a new more streamlined version of ‘society and reality’. But that will be their undoing, once you are plugged in, I don’t think there is any getting out. Movies would have you believe that there is a way out, or that Someone else will save the day, but we have seen that is not the case. You save yourself, and by doing so you can help to save others. From the system of rules and regulations that will follow, which will seek to control and dictate every aspect of people’s lives. Freedom may not be what we think it is, but it isn’t what they say it is. But back to the main point, cash. If we are able to earn cash, and spend it where we chose then I don’t see how their plan can work. For years we have been led to believe they wanted everything digital for tax purposes, so they can make sure they know how much you earnt, and who paid you. Making sure you have to pay through a bank so the money is traceable. And on the face of it, it sounded legit (despite the fact taxes aren’t really legit). But now we have seen how they appropriate those taxes and squander them and inflate their own wealth, draining the very people they pretend to serve, right under our noses no less. No wonder they think we are stupid, we have behaved so, and walked straight into their trap. It’s a precarious time, and we should be mindful of what comes next, taking a bit of time to really think through what is occurring, where it will lead and just how people really fit into their future plans, maybe they think if they mess with us long enough and create enough problems for us, we will just turn on ourselves. But I can’t help thinking there is something they haven’t quite factored in, I’m not sure what it is yet, but the feeling is growing…

(c) K Wicks

Pandoras Asylum

Pandoras Box – a curiosity and opening of a jar “containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world”. Based around a Greek story, involving Prometheus, which interesting was the title of a film. Where curiosity of the origin of man led them to discover and open something they shouldn’t. Curiosity killed the cat as they say. But the original story is one that sounds more like how man would behave, not gods. Prometheus stole fire from heaven, so Zeus decides to punish mankind for this, via his brother’s new wife with a wedding gift of a box, and an order not to open it. Which of course, she opens it, and brings upon mankind the above-mentioned sickness, death and other evils. Makes total sense, right?

But taking out the crazy dramatic tragedy that is the ancient Greek way, we can see that there may be a thread of truth to the tale. It’s easy to set people up, and curiosity does get the better of people. Even when they know there is a chance it will be bring horrors untold. It seems they simply cannot live without knowing, so are prepared to live with the consequences of seeing it play out. But what if unlike Pandora, you knew what was in the box, and it wasn’t the wondering about what was in it that would haunt you, it was the wondering of what happens when it gets out. We like to think it was an error of judgement on her part, Pandora didn’t know, she was just being curious. But what if she did know, as others have with their boxes, and did it anyway? We like to think they didn’t know, how could they? But some do, and they do it anyway. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And that goes for many areas of life and thought.

Hellraiser (1987) – a puzzle of sorts, a box to be opened and tempt you into hell. And with this box, most people who open it, know what awaits. An eternity of pain and pleasure in a torturous hell of sorts, yet they still open it. As is the way of people it seems.

But currently I believe the Pandoras Box in the world many are talking about, is genetic manipulation. Of plants, animals and people. The cat is out of the bag as they say, and the box has been opened. They are tinkering and tampering as fast as their marketing companies can churn out the campaigns. Because this has all been a long time coming, these projects and plans have been brewing for decades and appear to now be trying to pull together. But there appears to be snag. Not everyone is on board with the changes a few have decided for everyone, people are asking questions, wanting answers and to know how we as humans fit into it. They have projections for less people, more machines, bigger cities and less stuff for everyone. No cars or transport available for average folk, eating insects and occupying your time with tasks they allow you to choose from. Which will suit their needs, not yours. And constant injections and medicctions that they deem necessary for you. Less fun and enjoyment, restricted lifestyles and choices.

We are now in the next phase, which I have named Pandoras Asylum. We are out of the box and now in the crazy bit of sickness, death and unspecified evils and being treated like patients at their whim and disposal. By restricting the movement of people and freedoms, they get to dictate where you go, who you can see, where you can live. Further that with their online bills and plans – they will also know what you say, who you say it to, what you watch, how much you spend etc. They will then control all these things as they do mostly already, then they get to decide what you can and can’t do. All tied into scoring systems, departments and allocations. Confusing people with times, schedules, monitoring, upgrades, new systems, medications and labels to fit their agendas and ideals of what they want us to be and what they want us to fit into which are already in place. We have been jumping through those hoops for quite some time and many are used to the systems mentioned above, which is why they seek to disrupt them. To cause chaos and uncertainty, which would neatly usher in their premeditated solutions to their manufactured problems. If something appears to be a set up, you need to ask yourself, why that is…

(c) K Wicks

They tell us

This isn’t what most thought it would be, being alive now. We were told and conditioned to believe the future was bright and we were evolving and developing as a race. That was a bare faced lie, and most of us happily bought into that illusion. But the veil has now been lifted. It’s the opposite in fact, we are devolving at quite a pace, and what they are developing is something new and different, using us as the blueprint. It’s quite shocking to see all their ideas and plans laid out regarding depopulation, control through digital means and grouping people in camps and cities, taking away ownership – of everything, including your children. As well as also wanting to have ultimate control and decision-making capability over what gets put into your body, whether it is harmful of not.

Not being funny, but we are sounding more and more like rats every day. At the whim and mercy of mad scientists and ghoulish fantasies being played out in real time. I can see why some people (a lot of people), don’t want to admit where we are and how bad it is, and that it is entirely orchestrated for purpose. But it is, and whether you want to see it or not, it’s here and rolling forward, crushing and swallowing many on the way to its ultimate goal. There is still speculation over what that is, but they have made their short-term goals quite clear recently. So, with all the talk of their known plans, a few storylines came to mind I would like to share as further examples of how they like to do show and tell of what is coming through the medium of films and entertainment. Also known as programming. It’s been noticed by many others now too, and we are still unsure if they allow the information to filter through, or this is just so big and all encompassing, that many know deep down what has been coming, and the only way to share is through ‘fiction’. Who can say for sure.

Children of men (2006) – set in 2027 but following decades of human infertility, of which they don’t tell you how it occurred.

Aeon flux (2005) – another one about a virus, infertility and of course, corruption and personal agendas.

Brave New World (1931) – book and film, but this one is more like where we are and headed, with a blend of the top two. In this one they grow people in artificial wombs and indoctrinate children into predetermined classes of social standing and expectation. Well, number one is in production currently and number two has been with us for a while now.

The Handmaidens Tale (2017) – TV series and one I haven’t seen, but have seen much talk of. A rather bleak look at how things have been at times in the past for some, and could be a very real future for others. Breeders, handlers and farmed children.

Logans Run (1976) – they control the population in a controlled environment under a dome, setting the age limit at 30 (in the book it’s 21). Anyone who questions the narrative or tries to escape gets eliminated. But ultimately as you are only allowed to love until 30, you’ll be eliminated anyway, you just don’t know it.

I’m sure there are many more films that can be likened to where we see our future going, and like I said, that might not be by accident. But we would do well to take them all as warnings, rather than blueprints and guidelines. Predictive programming can be a handy tool to get great numbers of people on board with an idea they would otherwise never have been aware of. And the powers that be know this.

(c) K Wicks

The Irish Wolfhound

I learnt something new today while looking at how the Victorians viewed pets. Irish wolfhounds went extinct around 1720. That I didn’t know, as we see them today, but it seems they are not original. Or even a purebreed.

An Englishman took a Scottish deerhound, and mixed it with a great dane. Then chucked in some tibetan mastiff and a boxer, and we have what we see today. A recreation of an extinct animal which seems not a drop of Irish as the name would imply.

Seems there has been much tinkering of plants, animals, environment and people along the way.

(c) K Wicks