Sunrise – 30.04.21

Up early enough to catch it today (first pic) and remembered to tear myself away from working to check up on it (pic 2). It’s gone a bit grey now, but hopefully a bit of sun will bust through later.

(c) K Wicks

This way of thought… (Poetry)

This way of thought

They’ve laid on thick

We ‘re all gonna die

That rhetoric

Thinking of dangers

Round every turn

It’s conditioning

They want us to learn

And know our place

In their new world

Where we’ll be watched

And all controlled

Being hooked up

And integrated

If you think for yourself

You’ll be berated

Because my friends

It seems through fear

And propaganda

It would appear

They’ve turned some folk

Against their own

Right from the start

The seeds were sown


And have been well tended ever since

Rhyme and Reason

(c) K Wicks

Abstract planet – oil drops

Now I have a few more techniques for backgrounds (when I say technique, I actually mean various sheets of coloured card) I am really enjoying creating even stranger effects with good angles and a bit of lighting. This one almost looking like a planet I thought. Although oil drops can be fun, you have no control over them and a short time to get the shot before it changes, but being honest, that’s part of the fun!

(c) K Wicks

Painting – Oil Paints #1

So, after watercolour and acrylics going well and a bit of a break while work got a busy for payroll and tax year end, I decided it was tome to face my nemesis. Oil paints. I dramatise it though, really I tried them once when I was 15 with no guidance or knowledge and it was a mess. But after watching a fair few Bob Ross episodes, I thought – be brave. They won’t be mistakes, they’ll be… yep, happy little accidents.

This is how it started – fully prepped and with my new little easel and palette. And, my grandmothers paint brushes. She passed away about 5 years ago now but my grandpa sent me the rest of her art supplies recently so it’s inspired me to try more.

In progress – trying to be all meticulous without a real clue of what I am doing. Bob makes it look so easy. But I’m working out how much paint is enough, brush technique for lots of different brushes, mixing colours and all the other things that come with painting. I can’t believe I ever though it was as simple as just pick up a brush and paint! And for some people it may well be just that, but not for me.

Honestly, I was quite pleased with where it went and ended up. My first oil painting.

Followed very quickly by a second, not as pleased with it, but had to start somewhere with more than just blending so a pale background and some trees seemed appropriate. Next weekend is for gardening hopefully, but if it’s raining, maybe some more painting 🙂

(c) K Wicks

African Daisy Motif – (MKW-VN.675)

I know I say this a lot, but this is one of my favourites. I love them for different reasons, but the brightness of this one is just awesome. A picture of a yellow African Daisy with purple flowers in the background. This make me think of gold on purple velvet which why I love it so much 🙂

MKW-VN.675 –
MKW-VN.675 –

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(c) K Wicks

Last years garden

This year there have been changes, despite things working and not. This post will be the things that did to show in small garden you can have quite a diverse range of things growing. And still have some lawn for the dog to run around.

Yummy loganberry Bush, this one took straight away and branched out quickly. Although its was a good yield, I realised my mistake of planting it too close to the neighbouring fence and within another year it would be an issue. So its been moved into a big planter box. And a cutting taken which seems to be doing OK. Fingers crossed for this year.

I have a couple of types growing, one with pink flowers that didn’t do well, I think now maybe its just ornamental? But the other had lovely juicy strawberries I just had to get there before the wildlife. They photography well before they are ripe as well.

They have raged a bit out of control being honest, and are spreading. Even escaping under the back fence, but who doesn’t like strawberries growing!

I purchased two blueberry plants having tried before years ago and failed. But last year was different, working out where things should go pays off in the end, after years of trial and error. Only a handful of them made it, but they were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed.

I love redcurrants. I used to have a blackcurrant bush years ago and it was extremely plentiful. I just didn’t like blackcurrants!! So I have planted a red one and it looks to be doing very well this year so far and as you can see, last year was quite good on the harvest front.

I also grew some potatoes. A couple of supermarket leftovers that sprouted a bit too far, but they went into another meal, so not all wasted.

And cucumbers. They did rather well but I didn’t give them enough roof, of a solid enough structure to climb up (I ended making my own small trellis for them but it was too late, and it struggled with the weight once a number of them chunked out at the same time.

And some tomatoes. These were the first time growing them from seed on my kitchen windowsill and planting them out. I’m not that big a fan of tomatoes though, so rather than be wasteful, I’m skipping them this year. It’s different not going to garden centers anymore, I have to plan well in advance and have taken to saving more seeds and planting my own rather than just picking up ones that have been started. It’s good.

And it all helped to attract and hopefully feed some wildlife too. I had lots of lavender and nasturtiums too so the large and small white caterpillars/butterflies were happy and I got quite a smart little bounty out of it for a few days.

I also have some herbs growing, a rosemary plant slowly turning into a bush and flat leaf and curly leaf parsley. I did have chives but when we got a dog they had to go – if you didn’t know, onions, garlic, chives and leeks are all toxic to cats and dogs. I have only just found out it’s onions too, so that will be uprooted shortly (I had planted a supermarket leftover, but something else will have to go there instead).

I thought I might even try and be brave this year and eat some dandelion and nasturtium (if I get to them before the butterflies do that is). But we can share, I have planted lots of extra seeds this year for poppies and sweetpeas too and got a pack of bee friendly seeds as well, so we shall see what occurs over the next few months.

(c) K Wicks