I go through phases with poetry. I started writing it when I was a teenager going through a tough time, but always enjoyed reading some. It was the The Third Oxford Book of Poetry that got me into it at school. There was one poem that always stayed with me, 30 years later I can remember reading it and how haunting it was. Well, it was called The Haunted Lift (by James Kirkup I believe), so it did it’s job.

My own poetry is less haunting, and more a reflection of the times I find myself living in. I try to find sens in the world through Rhyme and Reason.

Rhyme and Reason volume 2 is sort of in progress, the first half ‘inspired’ by society and Brexit occuring. The second half about the pandemic – but I am in two minds whether anyone is really interested. When it is happening to everyone, its not a break to read about it, even if it is in rhyming format…

Ongoing poetry from my blog which will be included can be found in my Rhyme and Reason category