A Short Walk – dark short stories

My new book of short stories is available if you like a creepy dark read. You can read one of them here if you find yourself having a spare few moments.

Smart City Alpha.3

And my previous book of dark short stories, if you like that sort of thing.

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Perceptions of self

My understanding is that there are three perceptions of self that make up the whole view we create of ourselves, to ourselves on a basic level.

1) How we view ourselves

2) How we view other people, and

3) How we think other people perceive us.

You might think it’s just a given that people can understand these things that contribute towards your identity, internally and externally. But that’s not always so. Did you ever meet someone who seems to give no thought to how others view them? Some people just don’t care, I’m aware of that, but others completely lack the ability to view themselves from an outside viewpoint. That old saying we have of ‘put yourself in their shoes’ is for this very concept I believe. But not everyone actually can it seems, so it’s just a phrase to them.

Firstly though, there is how you view yourself. The perception of who you are, what you are and how you came to be. Formed through various experiences and actions, people, places, thoughts, feelings and time. You. But it’s not that simple is it, because along the way through all of that, there have been outside influences which have helped to shape that viewpoint and not everyone has had the time, space or incliniation in their life to give it real thought. So is it really you?

Secondly, how we view others. This is also based around you, and what you have taken in over your lifetime as with above. Many people have a judgemental view or like to presume things about others based on those perceptions, rather than facts. Others take a different view and fact find to build a sound assessment of someone, but it will still be based on perceptions usually, even once in possession of the facts.

And thirdly, how we think others view us, because we can’t really know for sure even if they tell us, we don’t see through others eyes, so can only have a projected imaginary view of this. Within that, that there are some people who have no concept of what others think of them, or the view they have, but we presume everyone can. We like to think though, that most people are able to understand that other people will see them in a certain way if they behave or act in a certain way. This is also influenced by a number of things, mainly how you present yourself to the outside world. Many people have suffered disappointment at not being viewed as they wished, although they have no idea why. The expectation not living up to reality. On both sides.

Perceptions of how we think we are meant to be and how we believe others should see us, is often at a discord to reality, (which is itself perceived) but possibly is why some people latch onto delusional thinking. It’s easier for them to remain in their own construct, rather than understand and learn about other peoples and yourself. And they often argue or fight to keep their delusions in place because it’s easier and familiar and take no work at all. It can just remain. It can sometimes be a long arduous process to think outside of yourself, but one that seems really important, even if it’s just to get to know yourself a bit better.

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Homemade lavender moisturiser – recipe

I decided I would make another moisturiser to go with my dandelion one. A nighttime one of lavender, chamomile and coconut I thought would be nice. Very simple to make.

32g shea butter

1 tbsp lavender infused in olive oil

1/2 tbsp chamomile infused in coconut oil

1/2 tbsp lavender infused in coconut

10 drops of lavender essential oil

Melt ingredients together in a double boiler, adding the oil at the end when all melted. Pour into a glass dish, and set in fridge for 6-8 hours. It may go a bit soft again in warm weather, but then sets again. (It’s important to set in the fridge first otherwise the mix can separate.

Here is the recipe for the Dandelion Moisturiser if you would like that one too.

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Reset Override

In all this confusion and orchestrated crisis, what if there was a way to stop it? What if we the people held it in our very existence to be able to thwart the seemingly evil plans that stream towards us, bulldozing the past and present with a view to then steamrolling it altogether. Followed by their version of a reset.

And while this is occurring, many seem caught in the headlights, caught on the hop or have been dazzled into a trance of obliviousness. It’s not only frustrating, it’s adding to their own enslavement. I fully believe if we don’t pull this together, this is where society will split, like in the films and stories where you have the outliers or outlanders. Those who live outside the city and parameters of the ‘new society’. The thorn in the side of progress we are painted as, and now I realise why history is written as such. So, we too would look back and scoff at the ones who stood in the way of the future, as we were meant to. But now we know. It’s not meant to be our future, it never was. The time of hope and industry is over, we are entering the age of digital slavery, if it follows its present course.

And on paper, it sounds like they have it all figured out. Various books and papers, seminars and meetings have been taking place for decades, they don’t hide it. The New World Order. One World Government. They write how it will work and how it will be achieved. Like a set of instructions that a program or machine would work from. As if they believe just telling us how it is, will make it happen. And maybe if they orchestrate a few disasters or issues, it will look like they have prophesised the future.

There are many references going around on social media to the George Orwell book 1984, and rightly so, I read it as a teenager and the similar tones to their methods in all this did not escape me. But I have to consider that was part of the plan, it wasn’t a prophecy, it was part of the predictive programming. Something that may seem an awful prospect will often be outright admonished and discarded, but the familiarity of the concept makes it slightly more palatable and comprehensible. That plants the seed needed. And potentially they did get ideas from those books which detailed a very ordered, controlled and manipulated society, but just because you want to or can, doesn’t mean you should.

It is becoming increasingly obvious we are a commodity, they view us as a means to an end, and appear to be trying to achieve that end. We would do well at this point in the debacle, to back away from those who are false leaders, do not fall for promises or threats, and start to find your own way through. They are trying to take over and have full control over who we are, what we are and what we do, and it must not be allowed to happen. We must choose our own future…

(c) K Wicks