Short Story: The Forest

Writing Scared

The Forest

by J.A. Sullivan

Before Marie even opened her eyes, she knew she was no longer in the hospital. Her skin was damp with dew. The air felt different moving in and out of her lungs. A deep organic smell of decaying earth filled her nostrils with each breath, nothing at all like the lifeless antiseptic air of the hospital. As she became more aware of her surroundings she became less sure as to whether she was just waking from some terrible nightmare, or just falling into one. Either way she was where she found herself to be and knew she had to open her eyes.

Everything was dimly lit, bathed in periwinkle. Her eyes were trying to adjust to the constantly changing level of light, though she couldn’t say for sure if the sun was dying or being reborn. Her legs were curled under her in a bed…

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