First poppy of 2021

Just one opened first, a beautiful dark purple poppy to give the Bees something extra.

The next day, loads bloomed and by the next day or two mostly gone. But they’re staggered and keep coming so hopefully a bit of brightness for longer.

(c) K Wicks

It’s do as I say… (poetry)

It’s do as I say

Not as I do

One rule for them

And another for you

The more you agree

The more piss they take

Giving weak reason

Which are revealed fake

Those calling the play

Are infected with rot

With no moral compass

Just plugging the shot

Each one in turn

Is showing their hand

And what is quite clear

Is they don’t understand

Love or truth

Or having a soul

They don’t want equal

They want full control

 Money and power

Is the game they play

Compassion is not

Something they

Have the ability

To really employ

Their ultimate goal

Is to destroy


Or it would appear that way…

Rhyme and Reason

(c) K Wicks


With letting everything just grow, you get to see what things do given the chance. Strawberries will grow and spread and are very efficient at this. And because they are so pretty, attract lots of bugs and have fruit at the end of it, why wouldn’t you let them. I may regret saying that when they fully take over, but I will scale some plants back a bit now to make light and room for others.

This is how they started
This is how they are going

This box has all sorts going on in it, winter jasmine, parsley, rosemary and lots of trailing wild strawberries. I added a few poppies where they were getting crowded in my planters, and it rusn out the potatoes I grew in this box last year hadn’t all been dug up. So I have potatoes in both boxes now.

It seems I did have a pink strawberry flower plant left going amongst the others. These flowers only lasted a couple of days before they were munched!

The berries have begun to ripen 🙂

(c) K Wicks


I decided to let everything just grow this year and be very minimal with weeding. Nature needs all the help it can get. It’s also making me more interested in what everything is and I’m learning about each plant as it grows and flowers. Willowherb seems to cater for many insects and has super pretty little pink/purple flowers. Also the leafcutter bees have favoured this plant for cutting small holes in the leaves – making me think that’s the reason I haven’t seen a leafcutter bee before, because I kept getting rid of their favourite plant!

(c) K Wicks

Painting – Oil paints #3

I’m still trying to make time for a bit of painting, and hope I have the inclination when I do. I want to paint nature, I’m just not very good. So thought if I set myself some goals and tasks, I could improve. Without copying an idea, I just tried to paint something. Perspective is one of my issues so I am working on that. Not great, but getting a bit better.

I am still not used to the consistency of the paint, how to work it, which brush to use and many other things. And by only putting a bit of time aside on weekends, it is slow progress. I am hoping to be able to do some more this weekend.

(c) K Wicks

Leafcutter bee

Another first and a very exciting one. I had just found my pink strawberry plant was flowering, hidden among other strawberries and the loganberries. With a fuchsia plant and wildflowers too. As I was trying to get enough sunlight in for a shot, a bee came and landed on the willowherb, cut a section of leaf and left again. I was really surprised. I waited and it came back, took another section and left again, disappearing into the budleia and loganberry bush.

It took a few seconds and once it left again I could see that bee had been a bee had visited a number of times. I haven’t ever noticed holes like that before and realise I have previously pulled these up as weeds before they got to be this pretty and useful! Letting everything grow this year has made a big difference.

(c) K Wicks

I find it odd… (poetry)

I find it odd

Where we’ve arrived


And so contrived

But here we are

The goal seems set

To take our freedom

And better yet

They want you to

Feel it’s right

To give them your life

Without a fight

And then expect

Your fellow man

To give up his life

And do what he can

But you and yours

You should protect

And of strangers

Should not expect

To follow orders

Do as your told

But have a thought

And be most bold

Because from this

If we want to live

We have to question

The narrative


It’s normal to question that which appears as a lie

Rhyme and Reason

(c) K Wicks